How do we process the data we collect?

During the registration process and the use of the website, user information is required. Without this information you can not join our service. This is a dating page where users are matched based on their stated grades.

All data, whether personal information such as an E-mail address, ethnicity, height, hair color, sexual orientation, payment information or other information that allows us to identify you and be treated as personal information. We respect all information and treat it with the highest level of confidentiality.


As a user of this site you authorize the use of, proprietary rights in respect of content delivered by you. This license includes, in particular, the right to reproduce, display, adapt, translate, scan and transfer content relating to profiles (information, images, videos, descriptions, search criteria, etc.)

How do we use your personal information?

With your explicit consent, we use your personal information for various purposes, such as updates about our product, personal and general news, information about messages you receive from other users, and user behavior analysis.

How do we release your personal information?

We have the legal right to provide all your personal information to our affiliates, to enable them to send you information about their products or services that you may be interested in. We will also use your personal information from our service providers. By using our payment service providers or services that allow you to pay by phone. We provide only information that is strictly necessary for the operation of the website.

In the event that approved public bodies request the disclosure of your personal information, they will be disclosed. We will also disclose your information if we believe that disclosure would be a necessary measure to protect our rights or agreements or to enforce our agreements, policies, and rules regarding the use of the website. 

Under no circumstances will we sell or rent your personal information for marketing purposes to third parties without your consent. However, your personal data may be used to collect information with other advertising partners for marketing and advertising purposes. But only in cases where you can not be personally identified. 

Keep your personal information and password for yourself

You may never disclose, share, or distribute personal information that you do not want others to view forums, blogs, or chatrooms. When other people ask you for your personal information, please be aware that this can not be serious. Feel free to ask some critical questions to make sure you are dealing with an employee on the website. Never share your username or password with others. When you lose your password, there is a possibility that you lose control of your personal information and legal action from your site may be necessary. In case of suspicion that your password has been disclosed to a third party, you must immediately change the password and / or contact our support via email.

The content of external links is not checked by us. This is the responsibility of the providers. In any event, it is the provision that a recipient's material may be removed if it violates the rights. 

You must carefully review, correct or delete your personal information.

Once registered, you can review, change and delete your personal information. This includes your email address, city, area, zip code, country, password and profile data. 

We would like you to change your information accurately by logging into your account and checking all the information you provided. We recommend that you change your password regularly. This reduces the risk of unwanted access to your account.

At your request, we will remove information that you have provided. However, information about unresolved complaints, we keep, so it is available in case any old complaints should be relevant again. Information that you have shared with other members may not be disclosed by us to other parties. But it is not our responsibility to check what the members do with the information you provided them.


Gold Star London Limited takes all the necessary precautions to ensure that your information is protected against abuse and / or modifications. To do this, we use proven methods such as firewalls. Full security on the Internet will probably never exist, but our team does everything possible to protect your personal data as well as possible. 

Update / Delete

You can ask us at any time to get all your information. To the extent permitted, this content will be made available to you. Personal information can be changed or deleted on the website. In addition, you can also contact our support and ask about the rules for legal advice.

Use of cookies

Gold Star London Limited collects, with your permission, cookies that are saved and used to make your online experience much more comfortable and more personal. As a result, you do not need to enter your username and password every time you visit our website, but log in immediately.

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your hard drive by your web browser. Cookies can store information that you enter as a user on a website to make your experience on the website far easier. Additionally, cookies make it easier to search from one website to another, such as makes it easier to perform transactions.

Most major web browsers automatically accept cookies unless you change the settings. You can set your internet browser to inform you whenever a cookie is downloaded. Additionally, you can also block downloading cookies, from third parties. Note that if you choose to block all cookies, certain parts of the website will not work properly.

The page can also use pixel tags and so-called Web Beacons that collect information about the use of the site. This is for example used in advertisements and emails. This information allows us to personalize our services. Personalized correspondence, such as emails, but also information and complaints about your behavior and the messages you send can be collected in a file. However, this information may only be seen by an employee Social Media 24-7 or a body approved for this purpose. 

Cookies ensure that the website works optimally

The website uses cookies to:

  • Remember products you add to your shopping cart when shopping online    
  • Remember information that you enter on different pages during the payment or booking process, so you do not have to fill in this information every time
  • Save preferences like language, location, desired number of search results, etc. Save changes and enable optimal video performance, such as the required buffer size and resolution information for your monitor
  • Read your browser settings to optimize the display on our website for your screen  
  • Discover abuse of our website and services, eg. by registering the number of coherent failed log in attempts
  • Belaste vores hjemmesides servere jævnt, for at sørge for hjemmesiden kører optimalt.  
  • Offer the option to save login details so you do not have to enter them every time you want to log in Make it possible to respond to our website

Below you can find a list of cookies we use including what data they collect and how long they are used.

Name Posted by How long
ASP.NET Session Id The website you visit 1 year
Ma Cookie The website you visit 1 year
refererCodes The website you visit 48 timer
mas The website you visit 1 year
Allow cookie The website you visit 1 year


Cookies that can measure the use of the website

In order to determine which sides of the site are most interesting to our visitors, we try to measure the amount of visitors and pages they visit using a third party software. To do that, we use cookies.

The information we collect is switched to statistics that give us insight into the number of visitors and which pages on the website are most popular. As a result, we are able to structure the navigation and content on our website as user-friendly as possible. None of our users can be identified in these statistics and other reports.

  • We use cookies for:  
  • Visualize the number of visitors on our website.
  • Exit the length of each visit the users are staying on our website.    
  • See what order our visitors are looking at on the different pages of the website.    
  • Optimize the website itself.

Regarding the cookies used by our third party pages and the possible data collected on them, we would like to refer to the entries these parties put on their own website. see links below. Please note that these entries may change regularly. This website has no influence on it.

Google: Google 

Cookies that collect behavior data to ensure proper web content

Our goal is to provide visitors to our website information that is as relevant to them as possible. This means that we try to design our website so that it can as far as possible meet the individual user's wishes. We do not only this through our content on our website, but also through the advertisements and sub-domains that are displayed. 

In order for us to make these personal adjustments, we try to use the websites you visit to develop an idea of your suspected interests without building a profile or identifying yourself as a person. Based on this information, we adapt the content and advertisements on our site to different audiences. This means that depending on your online behavior you will fit into a particular category, such as' men in the age group 20-30 years, married and have children, interested in football etc.

This group will of course have different advertisements than other categories, for example. Female, age group, 20-30 years, unmarried and interested in traveling, sugar dating etc.

Third parties who place cookies on our website can also discover your interests in a particular way. The information about your current website may be combined with information from previous visits to other websites than ours.

If such cookies are not used, it does not mean that you will no longer want to advertise on our website. The advertisers will no longer tailor-made for your interests.    

  • These cookies allow websites:    
  • To register your visits to make an assessment of your interests
  • To determine if you have clicked on an advertisement   
  • To provide information about your online behavior to other websites
  • To use third party services to service you with mounting ads    
  • Show interesting ads based on your use of social media

Browser Settings

If you do not want websites to put cookies on your computer, you can customize it in your browser settings so you will receive a warning when a cookie is placed.

You can also set your browser to block all cookies or third party cookies only. In addition, you can remove cookies that have already been saved on your computer. Please note that you must customize these settings for each browser you are using.

Please also note that we can not guarantee the full functionality of our website when you turn cookies off. You may lose some of the features on the page or may not be able to view specific websites. Additionally, "turning cookies off" or activating "Do not Track" does not mean that you will no longer see any ads. Advertisements will no longer be personal, and the same will be repeated more often.

The way you change your settings varies from browser to browser. If necessary, refer to the help function in your browser. If you want to turn cookies from specific parties you can go to

Conclusive Information

This information will be published for the first time on 1st June, 2018. Should you experience a cookie that is not on the list, please report it to us via

We will make sure that these messages are occasionally adapted for example. to modify our website according to the rules on cookies. We, the contents of the messages and cookies that are included in the list are changed without notice. You can consult this site for the latest version. 

Kind regards and pleasure on the page.

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